Tinos is the third largest island of the Cyclades and neighbors Andros, Mykonos, Delos and Syros.

Our island is 4 hours far from Rafina port and 5 hours far from Piraeus port, while the journey takes only 2 hours by speedboat. It is also only 30' far from Mykonos, by boat!

On the one hand, the beautiful beaches with crystal blue-green waters and silver-green sand, hidden or more open bays, small mountains, plateaus and green small valleys, dry rocks that cross and demarcate the land, hidden springs compose the unique landscape of Tinos.

On the other hand, small scattered white medieval villages, dozens of chapels (1200) and dovecotes (over 600), scattered as if by the hand of God where the soul stands and listens, cool squares paved under old plane trees, compose the architectural landscape.

Both above sides of the Island , united as if they had always been together, make a small but big Paradise!

The combination of architectural masterpieces, natural landscape and hospitality of its inhabitants will warm your soul and fill you with joy and richness of beauty and will convince you that one visit to Tinos is never enough!


Alex Studios Tinos is located on the edge of the capital -Chora- and thus provides visitor with the opportunity to bring himself immediately in the beautiful Cycladic nature and landscape!

Let us plan together a one-day excursion in the Inland or in the Chora! You will be enchanted !

Photos of Tinos town (Chora)

In recent years, Chora is starting to open up more to visitors. The big temple of Virgin Mary, Panagia, is in Chora.

The Church of Virgine Mary is a place of prayer and contact with our inner soul, and believers come from different countries of all over world. ! However, its architecture and its history are also very interesting! It's worth visiting!
Chora has also very nice relaxation spots! Stroll in picturesque old town, at small paved streets to admire old houses with traditional architecture and marble old fountains!
Chora offers many proposals for a morning, afternoon or evening outing in various cafes, bars with very nice design and each one has special style! It's worth getting to know them!
Chora has the blue sea with crystal clear waters! Walking by the sea at Chora under the moon offers a wonderful relaxing evening and the mood to chat with your friends or your family!
Chora has museums such as the extremely interesting Archeological museum with its wonderful large pithos of 7th and 8th century B.C and the ancient sundial of the famous Astronomer Andronikos from Kyrros!
It has a museum at the institution of Tinos Culture but also a special room where very interesting presentations and performances are organized. In 10' on foot from Alex Studios Tinos you are at the institution!
At Chora often you can sea an impressive sunset, it changes according to the weather, the season .Some days all the white houses of the port are painted with this orange color and it's magical !
In Chora next door is the great long sandy beach of Agios Fokas one of the most beautiful beaches in Tinos where you can swim, hike, run and cycle. Delos can be seen on the horizon and also a wonderful sunset!
From Chora starts and end amazing hikes. Just ask us and we will show you them !
Chora has many other to discover, lets talk about them when you arrive!

The inland of Tinos will also surprise you ! There are so many ways to do sports in Tinos! So we suggest:


Hiking is a unique way for the Visitor to discover the natural beauty of the Island and its beautiful villages. There are marked trails in Tinos and you will see places that you cannot see by car!
Ask us to tell you, we walk too!
Tinos boasts the relief of an area, geologically almost unique in the world, called Volax , you must visit it!


Tinos has 46 villages with a wonderfully preserved architectural heritage: Arched arches, cobbled streets, flower-adorned balconies, sweet good mornings will enchant you!
Also close to Alex Studios there is a bus stop, valuable for those visitors who wants to get to know the island in an economical way.
While a visit to the Monastery of Kehrovouniou will be a precious moment for that visitor who wants a contact with the Divine.


Visitors should not leave the island without visiting the village of Pyrgos where sculpture is present in every part of the village: Visitors will admire 3 museums and the sculptors working in their workshops. Ask us to tell you.
We should point out that Tinos has a long history of Marble Sculpture. The world famous sculptors Halepas, Filippotis, Vidalis, Gyzis were born and practiced this art in some villages of the island.


The island has 114 km of coastline, with sometimes hidden and sometimes large bays that embrace and seduce the visitor. The waters are crystal clear and the relief diverse and magical ! We will recommend amazing beaches!


An important element in the life of the Island are the traditional festivals where the visitor will get to know the Island hospitality. All the inhabitants of the village open their houses and offer food prepared by the housewives of the village. In the square musicians usually play island local melodies and the dance starts and stops at the first dawn.
Rural life is still present on this island. Tinos is famous for its artichokes, its various cheeses, its pork and beef, its traditional sausages, and many others! Ask us for that!
The food offered in its various taverns is of excellent quality and the proposals are many and for all economic levels!


In the area of Kionia there is an archaeological site that once in ancient times functioned as a healing center, Asklepiion, where the souls and bodies of the visitors were purified by the Gods Poseidon and Amphitrite.
Also in the area of Xomburgo, there was an inhabitation by the Tinians from the prehistoric period until the Venetian period. Unique relief storage pithos of the 8th and 7th centuries were found in the ancient city of Xomburgos, from the temple of Dimitra greek goddess and her daughter.
Also in the Capital of the Island there is a very interesting Archaeological Museum.
Opening hours of the archaeological site of Kionia and the Museum in the island Capital, Chora:
Monday to Sunday 08:30- 15:30 , except Tuesday.