Tinos is the third larger island of Cyclades near Andros, Mykonos, Delos and Syros.

Even the most demanding visitor will be stunned by the sheer beauty of Tinos Island.


On one hand, the superb beaches with crystal clear waters ,the hidden tricks, the small mountains , plains and valleys, the gullies covered with olive trees, , the stone paths crossing the rural environment, the hidden water sources, the cows and endless wild goats, the indented coastlines compose the unique Tinos landscape.

On the other hand, the small scattered white villages, then tens of chapels and dovecotes, the hidden small ports compose the architectural landscape.

Both these two aspects of the island joined together as if they were always together make a small but big paradise.

The combination of architectural, natural landscape and resident’s hospitality will offer you unforgettable moments and will persuade you that one visit in Tinos island is never enough!

The entreprise is situated just on the edge of the town so the gests can easily and immediately be in the country. Some interesting proposed activities are the following:

Hiking - Bouldering

Hiking is a unique way to discover the beauty of the island. Visitors of all ages are bound to be thrilled by the view of Aegean Sea by hiking on the coastal mountains of Tinos. There are numerous marked routes trails and paths to explore the visitor, which cover a total network of 63 km, recently conserved valuable for a guided hiking excursion.

Examples of routes:
Xynara - Exomvourgo - Koumaros - Skalados
Falatados - Volax - Agapi
Dio Choria - Faneromeni - Agios Ioannis Porto
Kardiani - Ysternia - Pyrgos - Marlas

Not to mention the fact that Tinos is boasting for having an amazing area covered with round boulders of different sizes at the north eastern part of the island. The place is called Volax where granite rocks are scattered everywhere and the relief is unique worldwide. Worthwhile mentioning that Volax area is considered as a worldwide known destination for Bouldering. Every visitor should visit this area.


Stroll around the white and flowered villages and get carried away by the charm of each pure picturesque Cycladic village. Tinos has 46 magnificent traditional villages: Stone arch, cobbled streets, flowered patios, small white houses, villagers’ smile will embrace you and relax you. Each village is unique.

Daily excursions by car will soon persuade you that Tinos is a real unexplored paradise.

Furthermore just 5 minutes on foot by Alex studios a bus station exist and a bus can take you realy easily to many beautiful villages and beaches.

While a visit to the Monastery Kechrovouni will be a valuable time for that visitor who wants a contact with the Divine through something organized like a monastic life.

Sculpure - Pyrgos

The visitors should not leave the island without pay a visit to Pyrgos Village where sculpture is present in each and every point of the village: Visitors are bound to admire the local sculptors working in their workshops. But sculpture is widespread around the village: on paths, on the village fountain, over the entry of the houses, in the local museum.

We should point out that Tinos has a long history on Marble Sculpture. Famous wordwide Sculptors like Halepas, Philipotis, Vidalis, Gysis have been born and practice this art in some villages of the island. On 2015 Unesco has put in its list tinos artisans on marble.

Important Museums:


The island has 114klm of coastline, with many hidden or open gulfs that embrace the visitor. The sea is extremely clean and the relief diverse and magic.

Traditional Feast - local agricultural products - Food

Visitors should not neglect to follow and be present in local traditional Tinian feasts and festivals, where they can experience Tinian Hospitality. All village residents open their house and ask you to come in and taste their meal specially prepared for that day. Besides, on the square of the village traditional instrumentalists play island music till early hours of the morning.

As for Agriculture is concerned, this sector plays an important role in Tinos life. In other words, Tinos is famous for its artichoke, honey from thyme, caper, chease gruyere , beef, pork sausage etc. A nice way to taste these products is through specialized festivals like artichoke, honey, caper and many other food festivals.

The food offered at various restaurants is of excellent quality and the gastronomic proposals are numerous!

A combination of swimming and high quality food is offered at Ballos Restaurant.


In Kionia area, in antiquity a treatment center was operated as Asclepius, where body and soul purification of visitors was becoming by the gods Poseidon and Amphitriti. In addition, a solar and astronomical unique clock was operated , constructed on 1st century BC by Andronicus Kyristou. Apart from that, In Tinos town there is an interesting archeological museum that visitor should visit.

In Exombourgo area, there was habitation from the prehistoric period until the Venetian period. From the Temple of Demeter and Kore located in the ancient city of Xombourgou it has been found unique embossed storage jars from 8th and 7th century BC.

Also in the capital of the island there is a very interesting Archaeological museum.

Opening hours of both Archeological museum and Kionia Sight:
Tuesday to Sunday 08:00 – 15:00.